A skyscraper of coal on the Columbia?

coal train, gorgeThat’s what we’re looking at – 16 mile-long coal trains every day barreling through neighborhoods, threatening air quality and public safety, and coal piled eight-stories high on the banks of the Columbia River. According to a government report, Millennium’s proposed coal export terminal would increase cancer rates in Longview’s Highlands neighborhood and clog rail lines throughout the region. You can stop this cancer-causing, climate disaster coal export proposal!

Submit your comment on the Shoreline Substantial Development and Conditional Use permits today to block Millennium’s dirty, dangerous coal export scheme!

For many of you, opposing coal export has been part of your climate action routine for years. Thank you. You’ve written comments, attended rallies, and testified at public hearings. Please keep up the strong, outstanding work to protect the Pacific Northwest from coal export and send in your comment today.

Coal trains already harms our communities. A coal train derailed on August 13, dumping 30 rail cars of dirty coal into Montana’s Clark Fork River, a tributary to the Columbia. “The Clark Fork River has overcome decades of toxic pollution from mining activity to provide some of the best fly-fishing in the country,” said Shannon Williamson, Executive Director of Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper. “This incident is yet another reminder of what’s at risk when we transport tons of uncovered piles of dirty coal along environmentally sensitive water bodies. Why sacrifice our clean water when we’ve got better, cleaner options for powering our homes and businesses?”

Submit your comment today to stop future coal train derailments into our waterways!

Now is the time to get louder in your opposition to coal export. You can help protect public health, preserve air quality, and combat climate change by speaking up to stop coal export.

A public hearing on the Shoreline Substantial Development and Conditional Use permits will be scheduled. The date for the hearing has not been set; Columbia Riverkeeper will alert you when date and details are announced.

3 Responses to “A skyscraper of coal on the Columbia?”

  1. Debra Spitzenpfeil says:

    Please stop this atrocity that will cause so much damage to our environment and our own personal health. I live along the Columbia River and have seen first hand the pollution these trains can bring. My grandchildren go to schools close to the railways. They will be affected adversely. This is the worst way to destroy what we love and hold precious, our great river. This is not progress. This is being stuck in the dark ages.

  2. Donna Kolowsky says:

    This community deserves better. The natural beauty we’ve been gifted with is not something to take for granted or to be thrown away to the highest bidder. For the health of our children, ourselves and our environment, reject the permit! Coal, as a source of energy, is a thing of the past. WE CAN DO BETTER!

  3. Diana Richardson says:

    Do not even consider permitting the passage of any coal trains along or near the great Columbia.
    The health of the salmon, the tribes, the neighborhoods and towns is far more important than any corporate “right” to threaten and harm us. Air, water, land, these are human rights and have been established as such under law. Do not permit coal trains. Do not pollute our air, water our land. Don not harm our health and that of our children. We will oppose your actions in defiance of the human rights of human beings at every step. If your conscience doesn’t tell you not to do this, know that it will go very badly for you if you persist.