What inspired you in 2017?

We are grateful for you. You are helping defend Columbia River communities from new fossil fuel infrastructure and illegal toxic pollution. Your support of strategic legal work, community organizing, and coalition building, has earned a string of victories that protect clean water and our climate. We’re proud to do this together.

Our staff reflected on moments and milestones with Riverkeeper’s members and friends. Dan Serres, Conservation Director, shared what inspired him this year:

“I am deeply inspired by the relentless activists resisting the United States’ largest oil train terminal, which is proposed in Vancouver, Washington. In hearings this year, people from all walks of life— tribal leaders, longshore workers, firefighters, physicians, faith leaders, teachers, and elected officials—blew me away with their testimony, delivering hours of compelling arguments for why Governor Inslee should reject the Tesoro oil train terminal. Thanks to them, we are on the cusp of stopping this oil mega-project.”

Your membership protects and restores the mighty Columbia River now and for future generations. Support clean water and healthy communities today.

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  1. Don Watt says:

    I am inspired by the many victories that have been won by Columbia Riverkeeper and the other groups pushing back against the onslaught of well-funded proposals to export fossil fuel energy through the northwest and especially through the lower Columbia River. These have been team efforts, won through the efforts of many individuals contributing whatever time and energy they can spare along the way.
    Personally, my biggest surprise was the victory against the Northwest Innovation Works Kalama Methanol Plant proposal. That was the fight that I felt most involved with; and I had nearly given up hope for success in stopping construction. The final outcome was such a relief. I feel that all of these victories are somewhat tentative. With the current political climate we need to be ready to respond to whatever comes down the road next.
    But for right now, Congratulations to all for a most successful 2017!!!