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Community-Led State of the Hanford Site Meeting in Spokane »

February 25th, 2015: [ February 28, 2015; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. ] Learn about the latest challenges and advances in cleanup at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation this Saturday in Spokane. Stay tuned for upcoming community-led State of the Hanford Site meetings in Vancouver & Walla Walla.

Spring Cleaning: Get Rid of Old Vehicles or Stocks Gathering Dust »

February 25th, 2015: The buds on the trees are swelling, the first wildflowers are blooming. Are you thinking spring cleaning? Or maybe thinking of donating a vehicle or stock? Great news: Riverkeeper is now accepting stocks and vehicles. Both are great ways to make a big investment in clean water, strong salmon runs, and healthy communities.

Riverkeeper Data Used in Regional Temperature Model »

February 25th, 2015: Our citizen scientist water quality data is being utilized for regional stream temperature model coordinated by the U.S. Forest Service. Scientists determined that salmon survival requires cool water: the temperature must remain below 68°F, and this is the maximum temperature allowed by law. However, the Columbia River already regularly exceeds 70°F, and climate models predict temperatures will continue to rise. This puts salmon and steelhead under significant stress, reduces growth rates, and increases the risk of disease and predation.

Member Spotlight: Rory Gravelle »

February 25th, 2015: Rory Gravelle is a student enrolled at Portland Community College (PCC) and a volunteer with Columbia Riverkeeper. Motivated by a public health course at PCC, Rory contacted Riverkeeper’s Community Organizer, Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, for practical applications to complement his classroom work.

LNG Export Walk: Make a Statement with your Feet on Saturday, March 14 in Warrenton! »

February 25th, 2015: Does this look like an appropriate place for an LNG terminal? Come see for yourself and make a statement against closing our land and rivers to the public for a dangerous, destructive LNG terminal! Join us Saturday, March 14, 2015 to see where Oregon LNG proposes to build a massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal. [...]

Take a Stand for Toxic-Free Fish »

February 24th, 2015: Do you know Washington State’s dirty little secret? For decades, polluters in Washington have benefited from some of the nation’s least protective toxic pollution standards. We can change this. Right now the Washington Department of Ecology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are asking for public input on new laws that could make it harder—or easier—to discharge cancer-causing toxic pollution to our rivers. Comment today!

FisherPoets Gathering 2015: See you there! »

February 19th, 2015: [ February 28, 2015; ] Come join us at FisherPoets Gathering (Friday, Feb. 27 – Sunday, March 1) for an amazing and inspiring weekend in Astoria. We’re hosting two fun & informative events: Pacific Coast Freshwater Health Workshop & Columbia Riverkeeper Concert by Fisher Poet Dave Densmore and Singer-Songwriter Alexa Wiley.

Member Spotlight: Kris Gann »

January 28th, 2015: After eleven years of faithful service, Kris Gann stepped down from Columbia Riverkeeper’s Board of Directors in December. Kris brought great energy, intelligence, and local knowledge to our Board.

Pressure Mounts for Agencies to Deny Oregon LNG »

January 27th, 2015: What does vibrant stencil art and dense legal comments have in common? We use them both to protect the estuary from LNG.

Riverkeeper’s Clean Water Attorney, published in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law »

January 27th, 2015: Trapping beaver and removing beaver dams destroys habitat for young coho salmon, which are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. A recent article by Miles Johnson, Riverkeeper’s Clean Water Attorney, published in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, discusses how we can use the Endangered Species Act to protect both beavers and the coho salmon.