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Crude Oil Terminal Permit Appealed »

October 17th, 2014: Columbia Riverkeeper along with several environmental groups filed an appeal with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) asking the agency to reconsider its August 19, 2014, decision authorizing Global Partners’ massive oil terminal on the Columbia River. The appeal states that the state agency ignored huge air pollution emissions that would result from the Global Partners’ operations, thereby allowing the facility to avoid federal review and restrictions on dangerous air pollutants.

Public Hearing! Oil & coal: unsafe on our rails, in our waterways and for our communities »

October 17th, 2014: Northwest communities are facing an onslaught of coal export and oil-by-rail proposals. All of these proposals rely on railways next to our Columbia River. With their hazardous coal dust and explosive fuel, these trains pose serious risks to our communities. A derailment, spill or explosion could destroy communities, clean water and salmon habitat. There are two major public hearings coming up this month and we need to make our voice against dangerous oil and dirty coal heard.

Defending Oregon’s Right to Say NO to Dirty Coal »

October 9th, 2014: Riverkeeper and partners intervene to support State of Oregon’s decision to deny key permit for Ambre Energy’s coal export terminal.

Study Shows Alarming Levels of Toxics in Columbia River Fish »

September 29th, 2014: Columbia Riverkeeper announces its Phase 2 results from the “Is Your Fish Toxic?” Study measuring toxic pollution in five different fish intended for the dinner table.

WA Toxics Coalition Releases Study »

September 17th, 2014: Scientific study explains how toxic flame retardant chemicals used in household products, like couches and TVs, wind up in Puget Sound, and other Washington waters.

Corps halted all permitting for Ambre »

September 15th, 2014: Corps has halted all permitting for Ambre. With Oregon rejecting coal export and the feds halting its review, Ambre is sinking fast.

LUBA Rejects Port Westward Industrial Rezone Proposal »

August 27th, 2014: A controversial effort to open up over 800 acres of high quality farmland along the Columbia River for industrial development, including oil-by-rail terminals, hit a major roadblock today. In a unanimous decision, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) rejected the Port of St. Helens’ proposal to rezone 837 acres of farmland for industrial development.

Connect Oregon Denies Coal Dock Work »

August 22nd, 2014: Connect Oregon: Praised For Denying Coal Dock Work But Criticized For Approving More Dangerous Oil Trains The Oregon Transportation Commission today denied funding for a project to expand Port Westward Beaver dock for coal export but approved two projects for expanded oil transport: an upgrade to a different Port Westward berth and rail infrastructure in the [...]

Victory! Coal Export Permit Denied! »

August 18th, 2014: Governor Kitzhaber and Department of State Lands Director Mary Abrams finally said “no” to coal exports. Today’s decision is a win for Northwest communities who are leading the fight against coal exports, and a historic moment for the whole country - we can do better than mega fossil fuel export terminals and transporting dirty coal through our communities.

Morrow Pacific FOIA Court Order »

August 15th, 2014: Judge Orders Agency to Release Documents on Ambre Energy’s Controversial Morrow Pacific Coal Export Project.