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Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World »

May 30th, 2016: The historic Golden Rule anti-nuclear sailboat is embarking on an epic voyage that will bring her up the Columbia River in early June for exciting events in Portland, Hood River, Stevenson, and Vancouver. A boat with a mission: In 1958, the newly-built Golden Rule and her intrepid crew of Quaker peace activists attempted to sail into the U.S. nuclear bomb test zone in the Marshall Islands.

State & City Reports Show How an Oil Spill Would Impact the Columbia River: »

May 27th, 2016: City estimates $5-$6 billion in potential damages from a major derailment, with no insurance available to cover it. State admits underestimating costs: 8 million gallon spill into the Lower Columbia River could cause $232 million to $1.16 billion in damages. State estimates losses in fishing industry: $17.8 million recreational fishing; $14.4 million expenditures by recreational anglers; and $4.7 million commercial landings.

Memorial Day Weekend: Swim Guide Updates »

May 27th, 2016: Swimming season is off to a great start! Before you jump in, make sure it’s safe to swim. Check the most current water quality status on the Swim Guide, and we’ll see you on the water. Get the swim guide app today. The Swim Guide uses E.coli data collected by our volunteers to flag Columbia River beaches that are safe or unsafe for swimming.

Millennium Coal Hearing in Longview, WA Draws 1k+ Attendees »

May 25th, 2016: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, kicked off the first of three public hearings regarding the proposed coal export terminal at Longview, WA with over 1,000 residents from Washington, Oregon and Montana attending the hearing. An overwhelming majority of the attendees demonstrated their opposition by wearing red, creating a “sea of red” in the hearing room.

Cemetery Challenges FERC Pipeline Approval »

May 25th, 2016: The Cowlitz County Cemetery District #6 filed a challenge to a proposed methanol pipeline cutting through a pioneer cemetery known as The Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. The Cemetery District asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to withdraw its previous approval because FERC failed to consider the impact on the pioneer cemetery, the surrounding environment, and the 3,628 cemetery districts tax payers.

Coal terminal denied »

May 9th, 2016: This is a win for the Lummi Nation and its Northwest community allies over the coal companies. Communities will continue to fight every dirty coal and oil project proposed for the Northwest, like the coal export facility at Longview. These dirty, dangerous projects will not move forward.

Millennium Coal Terminal DEIS Released »

April 29th, 2016: On April 29, 2016, Ecology released their draft Environmental Impact Statement for Millennium Bulk Terminal’s proposed coal 44 million metric tons of coal per year export terminal along the Columbia River in Longview, WA. The report comes after the agency received over 165,000 public comments calling for a broad review of the proposed coal export terminal. Learn what you can do!

Millennium Draft EIS Preliminary Summary of Findings »

April 29th, 2016: “The DEIS paints a bleak picture for people who live near the coal terminal,” said Lauren Goldberg, Staff Attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper. “It validates what we know from coal export sites around the world. They’re dirty. Coal dust hanging in the air and coating homes. The path forward is clear: Uncovered coal trains and stockpiles have no place in Longview and along the Columbia,” stated Lauren Goldberg, Staff Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper.

Hanford Tank Leaks »

April 18th, 2016: Nuclear waste storage tank alarms sounded on Sunday as radioactive waste leaked through the inner shell of Hanford's oldest double-shelled tank. There is a significant leak in tank AY-102, which holds some of the most dangerous nuclear waste on Earth. These tanks were not designed to hold waste for decades. It's past time to get the waste out of the unsafe tanks. We thank the workers at Hanford for conducting this dangerous cleanup. This is another reminder of the cost of nuclear waste, and the unexpected outcomes of handling radioactive material. We will continue to push the Department of Energy for a thorough and transparent cleanup in the face of mounting challenges.

Methanol Comment Period Wraps for Plant in Kalama »

April 18th, 2016: Today, April 18, 2016, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) comment period wraps for a proposed methanol plant at the Port of Kalama. Methanol from the plant would be shipped through the Columbia River estuary to China where it would be used to make plastic. Read comments on the DEIS by Columbia Riverkeeper and other groups here.