Meet Riverkeeper’s Citizen Outreach Team

Fighting everyday for clean water and healthy communities.

The Riverkeeper Citizen Outreach Team works to engage the public in Columbia River issues, shows them how to get involved, and helps raise funds. Reach them via email:


Alex Smith, Assistant Canvass Director

The best part about my job is that it provides the opportunity for people to get involved in the issues they care deeply about. I have the opportunity to not only protect, restore, & preserve our river but to work on important issues that matter greatly to all of us at the Columbia Riverkeeper family. My role on the canvass is to identify supportive people that want to join the organization and help us do the work that greatly needs to be done for the future of all of our rivers.


Dennis Paul, Canvass Field Manager

The Columbia River has given me so much.  I’ve swam its waters since I was a child and have fished it for many delicious meals.  I consider it a privilege to take part in ensuring its safety, bounty, and continuity for may generations.  It truly is a great feeling to be able to bring a community of people together who feel as strongly about the river as I do.  In the words of one of my personal heroes, Woody Guthrie, “Roll on, Columbia, roll on…”


Matt Landon, Citizen Outreach Canvasser

Rivers should never be forsaken. I have spent 20 years working with several Riverkeeper organizations and I truly believe in their mission to protect and restore the rivers from continued degradation. I hope through conveying my passion for the protection of clean water that I will inspire people to join this life long struggle. I’m proud to be an integral part of expanding the size and reach of Columbia Riverkeeper as a canvasser.


Benjamin Ayer, Citizen Outreach Canvasser

The Columbia and its tributaries deserve respect. I am proud to be following in my fathers footsteps of environmental protection and social change. I was raised on waterways of lower Michigan. I found serenity and purpose on the Huron River and Grand Lake. Making the Pacific Northwest my home I believe it is my responsibility to ensure its protection and restoration to its original health. I am honored to do this work with Columbia Riverkeeper. The dominant culture often makes us feel small and isolated, it tells us that we just need to worry about ourselves. I know that this is false, which is why I canvass. To find and identify people that desire to connect and protect the lifeblood of our bio-region.