Clean Water, Healthy Rivers, Our Future

Kids checking temperature, Jan. 2011Educating the public about the various threats facing the Columbia River is essential to its restoration and protection.

Riverkeeper in the Community

Water Quality Monitoring

The River Communities Program provides the infrastructure, tools, and training for all citizens – from rural school classrooms to retired engineers to busy single moms – to protect water quality in their communities. The Program : 1) offers a hands-on, structured volunteer opportunity for organizations (e.g. youth homes, church groups, neighborhood associations) and citizens of all ages; 2) educates citizens about river ecology and history, pollution prevention, and tools to improve rivers in their communities; 3) provides equipment and training to monitor water quality in the Columbia and its tributaries – volunteer-collected data is then submitted to state and federal agencies to help direct pollution cleanup measures; and 4) empowers citizens to improve their communities with pollution patrols, trash removals, habitat restoration and invasive species eradication.  The Program facilitates change by training citizens to take ownership and solve water quality problems in their communities.  Learn more about the Water Quality Monitoring education and volunteer program here.

Riverkeeper In the Classroom

Riverkeeper is excited to share our knowledge of the Columbia with students and educators across the Columbia Basin. Contact us to learn more about Riverkeeper’s classroom presentation opportunities.

Riverkeeper Field Trips

We love getting students actively involved in efforts to protect and restore the Columbia! Riverkeeper field trips offer students hands-on opportunities to learn about water quality and monitoring techniques, native and invasive species, pollution control, general river health, riparian ecosystems, and more. Contact us to learn more about field trip opportunities.