Wetlands near the proposed Oregon LNG site. Photo by Magpie.

Wetlands near the proposed Oregon LNG site. Photo by Magpie.

 Victory Over Liquefied Natural Gas Projects

How we fought for the communities and river we love – and won a big victory for the climate along the way.

For over a decade, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and pipelines threatened the Columbia River estuary. LNG is super-cooled natural gas that requires massive amounts of energy and freshwater. The gas giants were supposed to win. They carefully selected rural locations and small towns, greased the skids, and hired all the right law firms and lobbyists. Nobody warned them about the people’s fierce love of the river and how hard they would fight to protect it.

Twelve years of smart, creative, and persistent efforts by local residents and partners defeated LNG and protected the mighty Columbia.

Here’s how, together, we defeated multi-billion dollar proposals to export fracked gas through some of the most important salmon habitat on Earth.

One LNG terminal still threatens the Pacific Northwest: the Jordan Cove Project, proposed in Coos Bay, Oregon. Learn more.

Stories from the Frontline: A retired librarian fought to protect the Columbia so her grandkids could play along the river’s banks. A farmer and climate activist led rallies at the state capitol. Our victory over LNG sparked life-long friendships and untraditional alliance. Hear first-hand accounts from the people who persevered and defeated LNG.

LNG Resources: Historic documents and analysis from our campaign to protect the Columbia from LNG.