Take Action

Our elected officials can help protect the Northwest from LNG exports. Take action today.

Ask Governor Kitzhaber to:

  • Oppose Oregon LNG, its related pipelines, and the Jordan Cove LNG export project in Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Use all of his authority to reject LNG exports
  • Demand a thorough environmental review for both projects, including a detailed assessment of whether the projects are in Oregon’s public interest
  • Reject LNG on state-owned lands, state-leased lands, or other public resources

To contact the Governor online, go to: http://www.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/ShareYourOpinion.aspx or call (503) 378-4582.


Urge Senators Merkley and Wyden to:

  • Object to LNG export through the West Coast because of its harm to farms, forests, salmon habitat, and Oregon ratepayers
  • Uphold the State of Oregon’s right to reject LNG under the Coastal Zone Management Act
  • Conduct a full assessment of how LNG exports will impact Oregon ratepayers and the businesses that depend on affordable natural gas

Call Senator Wyden’s office at 503-326-7525, or email the Senator through his website: http://www.wyden.senate.gov/contact/

Call Senator Merkley’s office 503-326-3386, or email the Senator through his website: http://www.merkley.senate.gov/contact/