Toxic-Free Fish Campaign

We believe everyone has the right to eat locally caught fish without fear of toxic exposure. The goal of Riverkeeper’s Toxic-Free Fish Campaign is to convince both Oregon and Washington and to adopt accurate, protective toxic pollution limits—referred to as water quality standards.


So far we’re winning. In 2011, the State of Oregon adopted the most protective water quality standards for toxics in the nation. This historic decision followed years of hard work by Columbia River tribes, Riverkeeper, and other conservation groups to convince Oregon to do the right thing for people who rely on our rivers for sustenance.

Our Work Continues

Now we are hard at work in Washington State. Working with our partners, including Waterkeepers Washington and a coalition of tribes, we are fighting for everyone’s basic right to eat locally caught fish without fear of cancer-causing pollutants and other dangerous contaminants.

Toxic-Free Fish Campaign: Washington State. Learn more about our work to convince Washington to adopt new, protective toxic pollution limits.

Toxic-Free Fish Campaign: Oregon: Learn more about Oregon’s landmark decision to adopt the most protective toxic pollution limits—called water quality standards—of any state in the nation.