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Business Members: Voice your support for a clean Columbia River.

Columbia Riverkeeper is proud to team up with businesses that care about restoring and protecting the water of this mighty river. Your business’ support elevates Riverkeeper’s voice in fighting for a Columbia River and a sustainable regional economy. Join us in working for  healthy communities of citizens who contribute to local businesses, thriving river ecosystems, and river recreation opportunities.

Invest in Columbia Riverkeeper

By joining Riverkeeper’s sponsorship program, Companies for a Clean Columbia, your business can partner with us to reach new heights in our work to restore and protect the water quality of the Columbia River for this generation and beyond.

An investment in Columbia Riverkeeper represents a partnership with the strongest voice for the Columbia River. Your sponsorship sends a clear message to employees, customers, and the community about your dedication to ensuring they can enjoy clean and safe water.

Columbia Riverkeeper sponsorship is not only good for the river, it’s good for business. Please contact us to discuss how your business can promote clean water and healthy communities at (541) 399-9119 or

Event Sponsorship

Interested in teaming up to support Columbia Riverkeeper at one of our special events and promote your business in the process? Contact us at (541) 399-9119 or There are upcoming opportunities and a variety of sponsorship levels.