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EFSEC Issues Final Reports Unanimously Rejecting Oil Terminal »

December 20th, 2017: EFSEC issued its formal written report and recommendation to Governor Inslee on the Tesoro-Savage oil shipping terminal application. In their recommendation, the Council unanimously recommended denial of the oil terminal in Vancouver, Washington for multiple reasons. If built, Tesoro-Savage would bring in 360,000 barrels of crude oil in five fully loaded oil trains every day.

Voices standing up for communities and calling for an end to reckless oil trains »

August 22nd, 2017: Today, Aug. 22, 2017, Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) held its final major public hearing on the Tesoro Savage oil-by-rail terminal, with over 150 attendees urging EFSEC to deny the largest proposed oil train terminal in North America. The hearing focused on stormwater pollution from the proposed terminal, but many people used the opportunity to urge EFSEC and Governor Jay Inslee to deny the project as a whole.

Astoria Passes Oil Resolution »

August 8th, 2017: City of Astoria Opposes Oil-by-Rail along the Columbia River: We salute the amazing community activists from the Columbia River Estuary Action Team (CREATe) who drafted the initial resolution and spearheaded this effort.

Deny Stormwater Permit and Reject Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal »

August 8th, 2017: It’s hard to imagine a bigger threat to the Columbia River, our safety, and our climate than the Tesoro Savage oil-by-rail terminal. You can help stop it. Tesoro’s reckless proposal—which would bring up to five dangerous oil trains each day down the Columbia River—is nearing a decision point. Help stop Tesoro: Take action to oppose Tesoro’s water pollution permit.

What kind of infrastructure should we be building today? »

September 28th, 2016: We currently have adequate pipeline capacity to meet our current oil and gas needs, so we don't need to debate whether trains or pipelines are best. The Dakota Access and Tesoro projects are about bringing more fossil fuels. And we just don't need more. We are rapidly growing in efficiency, renewable energy, and cleaner transportation options (e.g. electric vehicles charged by renewables).

It’s Go Time! Vancouver Oil Terminal Hearing Announced! »

November 24th, 2015: On Nov. 24, 2015, the Tesoro-Savage Draft Environmental Impact Statement was released. Stop Big Oil Today by signing our petition and answer the question: What is your #1 reason Washington should reject the oil-by-rail proposal in Vancouver?

Tesoro-Savage Public Comments: EPA & National Park Services »

August 4th, 2015: In July, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sought public review and comment on a proposal by Tesoro-Savage Petroleum Terminal to construct an oil export terminal located in the Columbia River at the Port of Vancouver, in Clark County, Washington. Today, Columbia Riverkeeper is sharing those public comments from some of those agencies. This project is incredibly contentious because would be the largest oil-by-rail terminal in the country.

Protect the Northwest from Crude Oil-By-Rail: Tell the Army Corps and EFSEC to Deny Permits for Tesoro Savage »

July 17th, 2015: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) and Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) are taking public comment on potential permits and associated environmental review for Tesoro Savage’s oil-by-rail terminal in Vancouver, Washington. Tesoro Savage cannot build its terminal without permits from the Army Corps and EFSEC. Comment Deadline: August 1, 2015.

Communities and Small Businesses are Uniting Against Big Oil »

June 25th, 2015: Today at Hoesly Eco Auto & Tire a group called Vancouver 101 with small business leaders call on Governor Jay Inslee to reject the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal in Vancouver.

Oil-By-Rail Workshop – Find Your Voice and Stand Up to Oil! »

June 24th, 2015: [ July 8, 2015; 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ] Join us July 8, 2015, at 6:30pm Oil-By-Rail Workshop.