Report a Pollution Violation

Pollution Response

Use our Pollution Response Form to inform us of a polluter or incident impacting the Columbia or a tributary stream.

Emergency Assistance

If you ever see a large oil or toxic spill call 911! Never touch unidentified barrels or spills; back away immediately and call 911 for help! Document the date, time, place, what it looks like to you and take photo’s – ask the authorities what response they will take if any and then please let Columbia Riverkeeper know what’s going on. Use this pollution response form to guide you.

Oregon DEQ Emergency Spill Response:

Click on “Report and Environmental Violation”

(503)378-6377 Information will be recorded (24 hours)

Washington Department of Ecology Spill Response:

(360)407-6300 Information will be recorded (24 hours)

Coast Guard National Response :

1-800-424-8802 (will also notify EPA)