Power Past Coal Rally 5/7

Power Past Coal Rally featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Monday, May 7, 2012 @ Noon 

Mr. Kennedy will speak out against coal export in Oregon and Washington.  Take a lunch break and join us at Pioneer Square for Portland’s biggest rally against dirty coal!

Dirty Coal Comes to Portland.

Show our state leaders that Oregon can do better than coal.  

Coal companies want to ship dirty U.S. coal on trains and barges through Portland and other Northwest communities for export to Asia. Currently, six proposals would export a stunning 146 million tons of coal every year. This would require over 50 coal trains per day, every day, including 12 trains (6 full, 6 empty) per day through North Portland.


  • Climate and air pollution.
  • Asthma and lung disease.
  • Constant trains and noise.
  • Strip mines.

Learn more details and sign a petition to Governor Kitzhaber: http://www.powerpastcoal.org/?post_type=petition&p=844

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Large lunchtime rally. Bring signs, banners, art.


  • A dozen dirty coal trains through Portland everyday.
  • A dozen dirty coal barges on the Columba every week.
  • A dozen toxic pollutants in coal dust, including arsenic, lead, and mercury.
  • One Governor to stand up for Oregonians and reject coal.



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  1. Janet Monical says:

    Governor Kitzhauber,
    Please use your influence to stop this craziness! Keep our rivers and air clean. Use the think tanks to find other, more ecological and healthful to create jobs for our citizens.