Power Past Coal Rally 5/7

Power Past Coal Rally featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Monday, May 7, 2012 @ Noon 

Mr. Kennedy will speak out against coal export in Oregon and Washington.  Take a lunch break and join us at Pioneer Square for Portland’s biggest rally against dirty coal!

Dirty Coal Comes to Portland.

Show our state leaders that Oregon can do better than coal.  

Coal companies want to ship dirty U.S. coal on trains and barges through Portland and other Northwest communities for export to Asia. Currently, six proposals would export a stunning 146 million tons of coal every year. This would require over 50 coal trains per day, every day, including 12 trains (6 full, 6 empty) per day through North Portland.


  • Climate and air pollution.
  • Asthma and lung disease.
  • Constant trains and noise.
  • Strip mines.

Learn more details and sign a petition to Governor Kitzhaber: http://www.powerpastcoal.org/?post_type=petition&p=844

Share on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/429569057057220/

Large lunchtime rally. Bring signs, banners, art.


  • A dozen dirty coal trains through Portland everyday.
  • A dozen dirty coal barges on the Columba every week.
  • A dozen toxic pollutants in coal dust, including arsenic, lead, and mercury.
  • One Governor to stand up for Oregonians and reject coal.




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5 Responses to “Power Past Coal Rally 5/7”

  1. Janet Monical says:

    Governor Kitzhauber,
    Please use your influence to stop this craziness! Keep our rivers and air clean. Use the think tanks to find other, more ecological and healthful to create jobs for our citizens.

  2. Hello Governor Kitzhauber:
    They want to do coal in North Bend Oregon also. We do not need this in our community as well as the LNG terminal they are pushing for this area. We need your help and support your positions on clean energy very much !!!
    Wm. and Maryann Rohrer
    North Bend OR

  3. Jenny says:

    So china uses coal to create the steel that we use in our manufacturing. We currently only ship about 10% of what we produce. In an economy when the unemployment rates are high and the country is in a deficit, why would you be fighting to bring in local jobs and income to our state? The coal isn’t even produced here; it’s from Montana and other mid-country states. But by helping the export process, Oregon and Washington can also profit. Instead of fighting against the pollutants caused by this economy boosting opportunity, why don’t we work harder to find a solution to lessen the effects? Come on, let’s think wider, and not just stick our heads in a hole.

  4. paula jones says:

    We need to step up to the task of keeping big oil and big coal from
    ruining our environment for their profits.
    Please help us protect what we have before it is too late.

    Someone just said that EXXoN Mobil IS our nation’s energy policy.
    If that is true, we are headed for disaster. Don’t let big corporations
    buy our clean rivers and air for their benefit.

    Paula Jones
    Coos Bay, Oregon

  5. Tim M says:

    Will Robert Kennedy Jr. be flying in on his solar or wind powered Gulf Stream? So let me get this straight, Coal bad, Solar good, Coal Bad, Wind Good, Coal bad, living in the 19th Century good. Does that Gulf Stream Commie, RFK Jr. have any solutions at all or is he just against anything that provides energy to drive capitalism. There is nothing wrong with wind or solar, until the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining (night time)but let’s be honest, so called “Green” energy is not the answer…if you think it is then you don’t understand the question.