Riverkeeper Citizen Monitoring Program Featured in International Publication

International Rivers, an organization that works to protect rivers and human rights around the world, recently featured Columbia Riverkeeper’s Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program in an article on citizen science in their World Rivers Review.

Here’s what they say about our program:

“In today’s economy, funding for science is only going to get tighter. The citizen science approach makes sense financially and it adds a level of meaningfulness to a project. Connecting people with places, natural processes and the challenges we face is the only way we are going to find sustainable solutions.” – Dec 2012 World Rivers Review

Click here to read the full article.

“World Rivers Review is the foremost international publication devoted to river issues and appropriate freshwater management. Read the latest news on the worldwide movement to stop destructive dams, better alternatives to meeting water and energy needs, advances in river restoration, and profiles of key individuals and groups in the worldwide people’s movement to defend rivers and the communities who depend on them.” — Internationalrivers.org

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